Sunday, March 15, 2009

We've Got Cabinets!

Well, slowly, but surely, our kitchen remodel is coming together. It's going to be incredibly tight if we manage to get it all done before Dustin leaves, but it will be really close to done, even if there are a few details left to tend to upon his return. I can't even tell you how COOL it is to have cabinets. Considering I've spent the last 18 months without upper cabinets, which we had to take down to remove the asbestos laden acoustic ceilings, having cabinets hanging from the ceiling is an invited change! We've got someone coming to help lay the granite tomorrow, which will be icing on the cake. And for the cherry on top, our new stainless range showed up on Saturday and will be followed by the arrival of the dishwasher and microhood tomorrow. Dustin is working on laying the tile right now, so we are making major progress! Here's a little peek into the last month or so of our ever-morphing kitchen!

Lovely 70's linoleum exposed

Drawers out, getting ready to destroy the cabinets

Joint cut in the granite. Ready to lift off!

The granite came up without breaking and the cabinets are about to disappear!

Notice the NASTY mold. I'm not surprised. It smelled so bad under the sink!

Obviously, the drywall had to go. Bye bye mold smell. Won't miss you!

The bare kitchen. New plywood, new drywall and fresh paint!

The cabinets in their holding pattern... ready for INSTALL!!!!

Future home of the range. Now centered on the wall...

Over the range...

This is where the sink and dishwasher will be.

Final shot from the dining area.

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  1. What have you been doing without a kitchen?!? And that mold was terrible! ewwwww