Thursday, March 5, 2009

Get in My TUBBY

My, SkipHop TUBBY, that is! Finally, a way to organize Lawson's bath toys that is compact, not a giant frog or a boring mesh bag and is made of washable, water resistant neoprene. I am a huge fan.


  1. Thanks for posting this!!! I actually loved the "huge frog" at the first house we used it in...but after moving it has never stuck the same way again...I think it is too heavy for suction cups to hold it up. consequently it falls at least once a week and scares the pee out of me because it sounds like something is attacking our bathroom! I can't wait to get one of sounds like the perfect replacement! did you order or buy it somewhere?

  2. Thats too funny Beth - mine does the same thing. It's this huge BANG!!! Minus the sudden noises, I love mine as well but the one you found Kimberley is adorable. The whole Skip Hop line is awesome. Happy Bath Time!!!

  3. The Frog is actually really cute (as is the new ladybug version), I just couldn't bring myself to get it when I saw how huge it was in person! I'm really glad now, since it seems to take mysterious leaps into the tub! haha! That would scare me to death, too! I got the Skip Hop one at a store down in Eugene a few days ago, but they have it at It's also at Giggle, but it's $5 more there.