Friday, March 20, 2009

The Final Countdown!

Well, it's the last day here together for a while. Final preparations are in the works and we're almost ready to hit the road and say goodbye. The living room is piled with our belongings, ready to be loaded up in the back of the Expedition. Thank GOODNESS we chose a big vehicle. I fill it up, no problem, nearly every trip home!

Our kitchen didn't quite come as far as we'd hoped, but it's getting there. Cabinets and granite are in and that feels good to finally have done. The floor is prepped for tile, but no tile is actually laid yet. The appliances are ready in their boxes waiting to be installed over the tile. It's ready, we just have to execute those last few details!

Lawson is unfortunately unaware of what is going on. I've been telling him that daddy is going on a big bye-bye for a few days now, but it is apparent that it doesn't make much sense to him. I'm thinking I'll probably have a few pictures of Dustin laminated for Lawson to be able to hold and play with. He loves holding the pictures of his daddy in the frames, but I don't love that quite as much as him. They just never seem to look the same after he's handled them. Lamination may be the key. It also keeps him from being able to eat the picture, which he would do in a heartbeat if he could. The kid literally takes bites out of books and magazines if you turn around for a minute. Yum, yum.

I'm ready for goodbye. Ready to get these few months rolling and start counting down the days until we're all together again. Ready to be done with the anticipation of leaving and attempts to savor the moments. It'll be a busy few months with twice weekly doctors appointments, final preparations being made for Naomi and hopefully some regular work-outs. I use the term "work-out" very lightly. As in a walk around the neighborhood for 1/2 an hour or hour. Maybe some stretching and light weights. Okay, I use it very lightly. Anyway, there will be a few massages and pedicures thrown in there at some point as well, which I'm really looking forward to. Oh, my aching body! They'll have to drag me off the massage table, I'm sure!

Well, I'm off to take more clothes off of hangers and fill my baskets with diapering gear and more shoes than I'll probably need. Dustin should be back soon and I've got to get the cable disconnected and my hair dry so we can hopefully spend a little quality time together before night falls. I'd love to get some good pictures, too. Is it too much to request a few extra hours in this day that I can't wait to be over?! Oregon, here I come!

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