Thursday, March 26, 2009

Goodbye is the First Step to Hello

The drive down to Oregon went great, as usual! Lawson is a seasoned traveler thanks to our many trips up and down I-5 since he was born. This time, we got to drop Dustin off at SeaTac airport on the way down, which was a nice change from dropping him off on base. It's always kind of crazy on our way out the door, getting last minute items, turning off water and unplugging appliances. When I drop him off on base, we only get 10 minutes or so together after our mad dash around the house in the morning before our goodbye. This time, it was a whole two hours to talk and enjoy each others' company. Lawson stayed wide awake and happy and as we entered Seattle, I turned around and said, "good boy, staying awake! You'll get to say goodbye to daddy!". Literally, 30 seconds later, I turned around and he was out cold. I should have kept my mouth shut! It was so sad for me that he fell asleep and was going to wake up without Dustin there. I, of course, had a few minutes of tears, which went away wonderfully until Lawson woke up asking for his da-da and looking around to see where he'd gone. More tears for a minute or two, then we arrived at Aunt Kelly and Uncle Dave's house to stretch our legs and that proved a wonderful distraction for both Lawson and I.

We had lunch and stopped at my new favorite baby boutique, called POSH baby, which left me wanting to go back and poke around some more! Thanks, Kelly, for tagging along to the store full of cute things that you don't know what to do with! After a little relaxing back at their place, we had to head down the road again to get to my mom's house. A full 15 hours after my day began, we arrived at our destination. It took me three days or so to get all of our stuff situated and settled in, but I'm feeling quite at home here again and am ready for the next few months with just my little man.

Dustin made it to his destination safely and on time and we've already been able to talk once and e-mailed a few times. I know the time will fly! I had another appointment with my OB that included an ultrasound. We'll be doing them every few weeks to make sure she is growing well and is unaffected by my gene mutations. As of now, I'd say she's growing just fine. She's in the 70th percentile at an estimated 2.8 lbs at 27 weeks gestation. He said to expect her to be 8.5lbs or so. That is DOUBLE Lawson's size! Wow. My blood pressure is still great and I only gained two pounds in the last three weeks, which is much better than the ten pounds I managed to gain in the three weeks before that.

So, we're here and we're settled in. Dustin is down there and settled in. Now, we've just got to get through the next few months apart so we can welcome Naomi into our family and enjoy another few months with Dustin home as a family!

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  1. Just for the record, I knew what to do with at least........THREE items at baby POSH. At least!